Meet your new violin instructor,
Jason Crosby.

What I'm about to say might be a bit controversial, but not all violin methods are created equal. Teachers as well...

My name is Jason Crosby. Over the last decade, I've been a member of Robert Randolph and the Family Band, among others. In recent years, I played with Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Carlos Santana, Pete Seeger, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews in various configurations.

My discography is equally as impressive with appearances on Anastasia's multi-platinum hit "Freak of Nature" as well as Tedeschi's Grammy Nominated "Wait for Me"; and more recent releases from Philip Philips, Pretty Lights, Robert Randolph, Teddy Thompson and many more.



Whatever style of violin you are studying, I'm confident that I can greatly accelerate your progress (and enjoyment) by sharing with you the easy 1-2-3 formula that's helped me enjoy a career as a professional violinst.

Maybe that sounds like a bold claim, but if you take just 5 minutes to read this letter, I 'll show you how you can do that.

And I intend to prove it. You might be thinking "How is this possible?"

It's simple...

I've created what's possibly...

I'm super excited to share my latest,
greatest violin secrets with you.

I know that's a big claim, especially with the dozens of books, videos and instructors already out there. So, I'll explain why this package is so special...

First, I've played thousands of gigs, concerts, and countless jam sessions and taught countless students. After years of trial and error, I perfected a really powerful system to help you turbo-boost your violin skills - fast.

There's a few powerful secrets and principles, that when you apply them correctly, will allow you to make massive progress in minimum time.

Unfortunately, most violin lesson books, videos and even personal instructors fail to understand these secrets. They either overload the student with too much information... or even worse, they teach you a jumbled mess of ideas that leaves you dazed and confused.

In fact, that's why I decided to create this system. As a professional musician and teacher, I meet dozens of frustrated violin players who are on the edge of giving up because they're no longer seeing results. They're not getting better...

They call me, and they're frustrated...

STEP 1 Learn To Get A GREAT TONE on just one note

Learn to apply powerful secrets and principles,
and make massive progress in minimum time.

The biggest problem for aspiring violinists is just getting a smooth, clear, and beautiful tone.

Getting a great tone is the foundation to being a great player! Unfortunately, many new students have no clue how to properly play even a single note with clarity and resonance.

Let me guide you step-by-step to mastering this with some very simple techniques that work almost like magic.

With these easy tips, you will be playing gorgeous, sustained notes that will give any audience goosebumps.

So many teachers fail to make this easy, but it doesn't have to be this way.

STEP 2 Put The Notes Into Musical Phrases

Once you can play notes, you need to string them together into melodies and phrases.

I'll take you step-by-step through this learning process: from learning how to nail the intonation, to the essential patterns you should be working on, to playing fluidly and beautifully every single time.

Believe it or not, almost all of the violin pieces use very similar fingerings and phrasings.

I'm going to demystify what SEEMS HARD...

The last step is:

Playing violin should be fun,
natural and comfortable.
STEP 3 Learn To Play Complete Songs And Pieces.

Once you can play musical phrases, you are an inch away from playing complete pieces and songs. I'll show you how it's done step-by-step.

In fact, when you learn a few simple tricks, you'll be able to play with virtually any band or orchestra. You'll even be able to use these professional methods to learn difficult pieces.

Give your audience goosebumps by
playing some gorgeous tones.

You might already realize this, but no matter what style you're playing, you need proper technique.

That means using the right method for the left and right hand.

It means being able to conjour up a sweet, beautiful sustaining tone, consistently, every single time.

It means being able to play scales and arpeggios flawlessly, naturally.

Now, playing professional violin might sound like a tall order, but if you apply yourself, I'll show how to master these skills using time-proven methods that have worked wonders for myself and countless students.

If you use the simple tricks and techniques I'm going to teach you inside of my DVDs, you'll be years ahead of the game. You can then use your skills to play any style you want, and best of all it will sound amazing.

Maybe you've tried practicing violin and it didn't sound right. Maybe it felt boring. Maybe it felt like your progress was slower than a drunk turtle.

That's why I've created a simple, sequential, learning-system. Just follow along with me and by the time the DVDs are over you'll be amazed at what you can play (and so will everyone that hears you).

In these lessons, I'll cover all the important factors of playing. I want you to become "one" with your violin and really start enjoying yourself.

These simple exercises will start to transform your playing immediately. I'm serious... You'll achieve a sweeter, fuller sound and the exercises I'll share with you will be easily worth the price of these DVDs alone. No doubt about it.

Here's a small taste of what's inside...

These DVDs will demystify
what you seem hard.
Use these simple tricks and techniques
to get years ahead of the game.
The easiest way to play the violin
is learn from a successful pro.
Become "one" with your violin and really start enjoying yourself.
Jam with confidence with other musicians
once you learn World Class Violin Made Simple.

Virtually every violin student can learn some valuable techniques and tips from these groundbreaking DVDs. Even if you learn just one new idea, you'll reap the benefits for years. In fact, my goal is to ensure you get a lifetime of enjoyment from your instrument.

And another really nice thing:

You'll never fall behind, because there is no schedule to keep up with.

Just watch these DVDs at your own, at your own leisure. Try as many of the exercises and techniques as you want. Then, learn the songs and pieces that inspire YOU. You're in charge.

It's completely up to you. Once you own these DVDs, you can watch them whenever want, so there's never any deadlines.

Best of all, you can get this entire course at a rock bottom price. We're planning on selling these lessons in the near future for as much as $97.

However, to celebrate the launch -- you can get them all for just $69.

How many "private" lessons can you get for $69? Not many. With "World-Class Violin Made Simple", you're getting dozens of intensive, concentrate nuggets of powerful information that you can watch over and over... information that can make your musical journey easier and more fun.

I charge "big bucks" for studio session work and private lessons. And even if you could fly down to California I could only teach you about 10% of what's on these DVDs in the same time period.

I honestly feel this is the best violin learning value offered anywhere.

I'm certainly not going to knock one-on-one lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune.

And far too often, they drag on for years with the student never really developing their tone, their technique, or a repertoire of sweet songs and pieces.

Now, look at this chart..

As you see, you'll save thousands of dollars by purchasing "Wolrd-Class Violin Made Simple" This is a systematized course that will give you the insider secrets you need to play like a pro. I'd like to make your decision easy. So, here's the deal... If for any reason, (or even no reason at all) you decide this course isn't helping you reach your goals, you can send an email and I'll refund every penny immediately. There's no fine print and no hassles.

There are no strings attached to this offer. I stand behind my work and I know you'll be happy with this course. And if you're not -- don't worry because I will offer you a complete 365-day, no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

Order these World-Class Violin lessons... watch them... then pick up the violin... play a few notes...and then play a piece just to prove to yourself that...

These DVDs come with a 365 day
unconditional money-back guarantee

If it doesn't happen, simply send a quick note and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

Am I Crazy? Or is This Course that GOOD?

I can afford to be so generous... because I know the TRUTH. You see... this system really does work! It's amazing, it's almost like magic because it shouldn't be THIS easy and simple... but it is.

Just imagine inviting your friends and family over and blowing them away with some classic songs.

Jaws will drop and respect will be earned. It's up to you whether or not you let anyone know you learned the secrets from me.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of the "World-Class Violin Made Simple" course that will reward you for a lifetime.

Here's how to order. Just click the blue link below and this will bring you to the order page. Then, just fill in your information and that's it.

I'll rush your order right to your door, anywhere in the world.

So let's get into the fun stuff...

Don't delay -- click the link below right now!

Keep playin,

Jason Crosby

P.S. Remember, you're protected by our 1 year unconditional money back guarantee.

I realize that sometimes you're unsure if you can get a refund from an online company. But that's just not the case here. If you aren't absolutely impressed and delighted with this course, then I don't want your money.

My reputation is my most valuable asset (it took me over 2 long decades to build it). And I intend on honoring any refund requests with zero questions asked. I want you to be 100% happy no matter what.